Stelly Strat®

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Product Description

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, along comes the "Stelly!" To make a long story short, we have repackaged our Muy Grande Tele bridge pickup to retrofit in your trusty Strat. Where previously our Muy Grande Strat pickup was our beefiest offering, we have now pumped it up a couple of notches. In addition, this makes a great power set when combined with a Muy Grande in the middle & neck positions. It does not make your guitar sound like a Tele, but it does jack up your bridge position like no other. It is quite possibly the most powerful and natural single coil pickup out there. Not distorted or overdriven, just pure single coil power. For bridge position only. Another first from Rio Grande!

Other Details

Tone Profile:
HOTTEST, Twang, Chirp, Articulate
Country, Rock
Winding Resistance: