Big Bottom Box

Big Bottom Box Set for Jazzmaster
Product#: JMBBXS

Big Bottom Box Set for Jazzmaster

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With its big bro' da Babybucket, the Teenybucker is the first ever exposed coil "mini" humbucker! With zebra or double black coils available, your 70's "Deluxe" never looked so good.


(RWRP Jazzdawg neck and Bluesdawg bridge)


With 12 Mega-Polepieces for fine tuning string balance, this pickup redefines pure power, destruction, & has a flatout "Take No Prisoners" attitude. Remember, if you can't budge it, get a bigger hammer! Recommended for bridge position. 4-conductor cable.

Dirty Harry

Like it's namesake, the Dirty Harry for Tele emulates the tonal characteristics of a P-90 pickup, but made for a Telecaster bridge opening.

Vintage Tallboy

Enhanced vintage features provides a classic, full range Tele tone, plus you get additional bite without "ice pick in the ear" pain. Twang, baby, twang!